Telegram Adds Passport Feature To Its Service For Keeping Your Personal Data online

Telegram has added a new feature to the loads of functionalities in its mobile app. Dubbed Passport, it’s a way of storing your personal information within the app and then share it effortlessly when another app or website needs it.

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How Does It Work?

For another service to request for the data, it will have to integrate Telegram Passport in its app or website. The user will then see an option to Login with Telegram. Then, you will be able to login to the service using your Telegram credentials just like Facebook, Twitter or Google login.

You can enter your email, your phone number, your address and your identity document, such as a passport, driver’s license, identity card or just manually enter all your credentials. The app is expected to automatically fill in all the information to a site requesting it.

Are My Data Protected?

Of course, this should be the first thing that draws my attention. One can’t afford to let go your info to fraudsters.

Well, First all, Telegram Passport is password protected, and you are required to enter it every time a service needs you to login or even to launch the Passport on the app.

Secondly, the messaging service developers claims that the information inside the Passport is end to end encrypted, meaning between you and the service to which you provide the information, no one else, not even Telegram can read the information stored inside the Passport. The information is currently stored in Telegram’s cloud server in encrypted form but the company promises to move it to a decentralized cloud in the future. A decentralized cloud spreads information across multiple computers (the way blockchain works) so no one has all the information at once, making it even more secure.

Currently, is the only site to use Telegram login feature but I expect more site to work with this in the nearest feature.

How Do I Get The Passport Feature On My Telegram Service?

Weirdly enough, the Passport option was inaccessible directly even after updating to the new version of the app. You have to go to Telegram’s test page that lets you see how the feature work for it to activate the feature. There you have to first set a password, then enter a recovery email. Only after it sends you a link to your email to activate your account does it start working and you can enter information into it. You can also delete your Passport at any point, and all the information inside should get deleted.

It’s understandable to be skeptical. Even as a long-time Telegram user, I’m not exactly rushing to fill it up with all my private detail. There are also hardly any services available right now that use it so I have fewer reasons to use it.

As for the future, it’s hard to say; Telegram has a mixed track record with security so it’s best to be a bit careful and not put all your eggs in this basket (or any other).

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