Mozilla started playing around with a trimmed down version of its Firefox browser specially designed for Indonesia towards the end of 2017. The app came with the data-saving features we expect come in a skeleton-like mobile browser, such as options not to load images or save web pages to read offline. Now, the project has a new name – Firefox Lite.

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The new Firefox Lite makes up in practicality for it lacks in uniqueness. Rocket was designed by Mozilla to place it in the category of Lite apps but unfortunately, it didn’t deliver what the developers expected.

Firefox Lite’s Turbo Mode function still has a rocket for an icon, and its Play Store listing has playful rocket-themed imagery all over it, so it hasn’t completely lost its missile-themed charm.


Some Properties Of Firefox Lite

  • Lightweight Web Browser: It’s less than 3MB in size, consuming almost no space on your phone.
  • Very Fast Browsing Speed: With the browser in Turbo Mode, Firefox Lite promises you a lighting fast browsing experience!
  • Save Data and your Cash: Save on data costs with Turbo mode, which blocks tracking ads. And if you want to save even more, simply enable image blocking while you browse.

Where Can I Download The Firefox Lite Mobile Browser?

If you wish to download the Firefox Lite Version, simply move to Google Play Store.

NB: Exclusively for Indonesia for now.

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