Huawei’s New Fast Charging Tech Will Get Your Phone Charged In 30 Minutes

It could be so frustrating to keep charging your phone with a big battery for hours. Though, we have been seeing various charging technologies especially on high-end and some mid-range phones, which might not be enough. Manufacturers are putting their R&D money to developing fast charging tech to compensate.

There’s a overabundance of technologies currently on the market with Oppo’s recently announced Super VOOC charging standard on the Find X Lamborgini Edition to be the fastest one. It says it can top up a 3,750 mAh battery in just 35 minutes.

Well, that has been pushed aside by the Huawei’s upcoming fast charging technology that’s expected to come with the so-called Huawei Power adapter. It’s developed by Astec Electronics and has acquired Chinese 3C certification. The listing shows that it can work in several modes, but the fastest one is 10V at 4A, which is 40W of maximum output. This is almost twice as fast as the current Huawei P20 series charging standard that goes up to 22.5W.

We expect the upcoming Mate 20 to bring the new standard, but there’s no way for us to be certain.


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