Huawei Rules China’s Smartphone Market, All Thanks To Honor Phones

You can hardly see a situation where a subsidiary of a company trample its parent company, but the Honor brand of Huawei has shown us that in Q2 2018. Honor smartphones contributed a whopping 55% of the whole Huawei’s sales. This made the Chinese company recorded the largest marketshare of any smartphone brand in China since Q2 2011.

In China, five smartphone brands account for 90% of sales. All the others are scrambling for the crumbs that make up the remaining 10% of the market. While 10% is a small segment, it is a huge market, thanks to China’s population.

Top Five (5) Smartphone Brands in China

Here is how the top 5 brands in China stand in Q2 2018:

  1. Huawei (includes Honor smartphones)L 27%
  2. Oppo: 21%
  3. vivo: 20%
  4. Xiaomi: 14%
  5. Apple: unspecified

Honor Smartphones Takes Charge

Huawei Honor’s phones have offered great value for money in the budget smartphone segment since the sub-brand began operations in 2013. The Honor sub-brand enjoys an autonomous operation under Huawei and so has been able to innovate and move at its own pace.

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