Your smartphone is a great tool in your hand. They keeps getting smarter every day. There are so many possibilities and queries you can solve on your mobile device. And we are going to look at one of those problems today.

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Of course, language barrier is one the leading threat to civilization and communication. The differences in our languages and cultures makes communication a bit complex.

Now, your mobile device can help you out by easily translating different languages into your preferred language in real time, without foreknowledge of the language. Moving from that, you can now translate words on objects you captured with your camera.

Well, no need to imagine again, because it is very possible and easy! All you need to do is download an app called Google Translate.

How Does It Work?

  1. Firstly, download the Google Translate app which is about 13mb. For Android users, click HERE while iOS users can click HERE.
  2. After the app, select your preferred language and the language you want to translate to. Note: you can download most of them for the purpose of OFFLINE translation.
  3. Then select camera and point your camera to the text you want to translate. Then you take a picture.
  4. After that, the app scans the word content and does the translation.

How to Get Real-time Translations

To get real-life translation, simply point your camera to the particular image with text and it translates instantly. Download the particular language you want and that’s all!

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