Malware makers and phishers won’t let us rest. Although Android itself is a fairly secure platform, some data about your phone’s settings and usage is sent to Google’s servers.

However, here is how you can keep your Android smartphone secure from data collection.

Turn On Your Device Manager

Device manager allows you to track down a missing Android phone. You can easily locate a missing android device by simply clicking on “find my Phone” or trigger a remote wipe and it will wipe all the entire data on that smartphone.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on the ‘Google’ menu option
  3. Scroll down to ‘Security,’ then tap ‘Find My Device’
  4. Make sure the switch at the top is set to ‘On.’

Set a Lock Screen Password

Biometric authentication methods like fingerprints and retinas are designed for convenience, not security. If you want to keep the data on your phone as safe as possible, you need to set a lock that only you know.

For Android 8.0 Oreo and newer:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select ‘Security & location’, then select ‘Screen lock’
  3. Choose a PIN, pattern, or password lock

For Android 7.1 Nougat and older:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select the ‘Security’ menu option
  3. Tap ‘Screen lock’

Disable Tracking Activity

Google by defaults stores every information about you from the movies you watch, the site you visit, YouTube Videos etc. In other words, Google is watching you. None of this information is sent to third-parties

If you don’t like this, you can simply disable ‘activity tracker’ by going here. Just turn off all categories and you are good to go.

Finally, Tech experts also advice that you should always switch search engine or switch browsers for security reasons.

From your browser, you can easily switch your search engine


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