Fashion In Technology: Headphone Earrings Now Available And Trending

Tech going agog and making life too easy for all. There are some of us who can hardly do without headphones. They are an essential commodity in a man’s world, especially music lovers. Now, we have headphones in form of earrings.

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Today, it’s not just about tech, we talk fashion in tech world. There are premium Bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation headphones but now it’s getting into the Fashion world. You can now use it instead of your earrings!

These earrings are from Scandi Electronics, called the Swings Bluetooth Earrings. You need to replace this with your regular earrings and hang it from your pierced earlobe.

When receiving a call, just swing the bottom portion to fit into your ear. No need to carry your earphones or dig up your mobile from the bag.

Swings come in two different models: the basic earring and an athletic version. The basic design is more my style and probably that of the standard consumer’s.

These earphones are available in three styles: the original in gold and white, the original with pavé rhinestones and Swings Sport in all black.

The earrings come with five hours of battery life when fully charged as well as a carrying case and charger.

It’s currently available under crowdfunding platform to raise money and will be available for $125 -$350 in retail from 2019.

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