Goolsky JJRC H47 Is A Budget Drone That Gets Your Work Done

Are you looking for a drone to boost your business and other services and you don’t want to tear your pocket? A budget drone is your answer. The Goolsky JJRC H47 drone is a though budget, yet it is pretty well equipped with features like a 720p camera, Wi-Fi for transmitting live video, and a built-in 6 Axis Gyro.

The JJRC H47 comes with “Headless Mode”, which means no need for you to adjust the position of the drone before flying. In addition, you can bring it back to base with just a touch of a button. Newbie pilots will find it easy to get a grasp of flying it.

The built-in 720p HD camera lets the pilot take photographs and record video which can be relayed to the pilot. Goolsky JJRC H47 is a lightweight, compact quad-copter and a 500mAh battery. The transmitter uses two 1.5V batteries.

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As far as the flying functions the JJRC H47 offer, it’s capable of side-ward flight, 3D roll, and altitude hold, in addition to regular flight capabilities. All these are possible because it has a 6-axis gyro built in.

Weak Areas Of Goolsky JJRC H47 Drone

Just like all the budget drones around, the main shortcomings are flying time and remote control distance. The Goolsky JJRC H47 drone can only boast of flying time of just 7 minutes and a remote control distance of 80 to 100 metres. The video feed via Wi-Fi is limited to a maximum of 50 metres though, so you don’t want to fly beyond that if you are depending on the feed.

The live video feed is relayed back to your phone during flight. The battery life is short, but of course, reason for the budget tag. When putting it away, you can fold the arms so it is easy to carry and keep.

How Much Is Goolsky JJRC H47 Drone?

As an entry-level gadget, the Goolsky JJRC H47 drone is a good place to start your hobby as a drone pilot. It will cost you only $69.99 or ₦12,445.00 to get one.

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