Caviar Unveils The iPhone X Temptation inspired by Garden Of Eden Story

Caviar is known for its recreating regular phones models into a classy and ultra-premium versions. Apple phones have been the ultimate beneficiary of this project. Another latest custom iPhone X by Caviar is the restitution of Apple logo into a biblical meaning as it reproduces the story of the Garden of Eden. Caviar want you to see the bite in Apple’s logo with another meaning as it calls this the “iPhone X Temptation”.

iPhone X Temptation: Adam and Eve

It comes in four variants in total. The first three represent Adam, Eve and the serpent independently. The last model features a painted depiction of the scene. Precisely, it’s a recreation of the Adam and Eve by 16th century painter Lucas Cranach the Elder, painted on leather.

How To Differentiate Them?

The character models are represented more abstractly.

  • The serpent, obviously, is represented by snake skin leather.

    iPhone X Temptation: The Serpent
  • Adam’s model gets leather, black onyx and gold coating complete with a scale pattern.

    iPhone X Temptation: Adam version
  • Eve is represented with exotic white leather (available with and without diamonds).

    iPhone X Temptation: Eve (with diamonds)

In all four models, the Apple logo is made out of gold.


Prices start at $3,940 for the character models, except the Eve model with diamond – that one is $4,810. The Adam and Even one is $3,850. Prices are for a 64GB iPhone X, if you want the 256GB one you’ll have to shell out an extra $240.


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