Apple Is Eventually Drifting Away From The Steve Jobs Model

Now that we are expecting both a 6.1-inch iPhone and a 6.5-inch phone to debut this year with the introduction of a 5.8-inch model not forgotten as well. Steve Jobs, who invented iPhone, may not be happy wherever he is right now.

It’s such a strange line-up from a company that once insisted that a phablet is out of contest for anyone. Now, they are talking about a 6.5-inch iPhone. At present, only the iPhone 8 features the traditional small display that iPhones used to be known for. This year could witness the end of the era of small screen on iPhones.

How time changes things. This is in part due to the adoption of bezel-less design. The new, bigger iPhone models are actually just about the size of the older models with smaller displays. Yes; how time changes things.

But this is a good change, as far as I can tell. Apple is responding well to market demand. It isnt only about size though. The upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone will be cheaper than the iPhone X and iPhone 8 range as well, costing about $700.

Its bigger, 6.5-inch sibling will be as costly as the iPhone X though. One is not sure what the gameplan is there, but we hear this will be the iPhone X Plus.

We await further details as we countdown to the 2018 launch.

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