Was Lenovo Trying To Scam Us With Its Z5?

The Lenovo Z5 news started about a month ago in May when the company VP Chang Cheng shared a render on the company’s official Weibo account. The photo showed a phone with next to no bezels on the top and side. Most importantly, the phone also had no notch of any sort on the top. The design was reminiscent of the Mi MIX devices, but literally taken to the edge.

But what the company launched is a smartphone that, while bezel-less by the standard yardstick, is not true to the teasers. The Lenovo Z5 has a display notch and a chin.

Here is what Lenovo’s VP shared:

Lenovo Z5 Shared Renders Image

The Lenovo Z5 is now official, but brought something different. It turns out that it is quite different from what the company has been teasing us with. This is what Lenovo officially announced:

Lenovo Z5 is still a beautiful smartphone (well, aside that unsightly notch); all bezel-less smartphones are beautiful.

But dont think it ends there, it surely does not. Twitter user @UniverseIce posted a photo of the actual phone besides the press images that were released today, and it seems the bezels have decided to encroach further upon the display area from all sides. At this rate, there won’t be any display left by the time the phone reaches the hands of the consumers.

The Launched image and the Actual image

So, rather than analyzing the features of specifications of this phone, we are here talking about how Lenovo lied and tried to scam its fans and intending ones. Sad, isn’t it?

We have no idea what Lenovo Mobile was trying to achieve with this sort of deception, but it isn’t likely to go down well. This looks like all the trappings of a public relations nightmare for the smartphone manufacturer.

This leaves us deflated. The promise of 95% screen-to-body ratio is out the window, and while the Z5 may be a decent smartphone, it will be remembered more for the decepticons, sorry deceptions, that the company pulled off in preparation for its announcement.

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