Nigerians May Soon Be Paying To Access Their Facebook And Other Social Media

Are Africans trying to move backward when the other parts of the globe tends to be making things easy for everybody? What happened in Uganda may possibly be finding its way to Nigeria – Ugandans now pays to use social media.

Abdulfatai Buhari, the chairman Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrime said that the National Assembly is making laws to regulate what Nigerians on social media activities.

According to him, social media should be regulated with the claim that many Nigerians are abusing the platforms. If the social media is left unregulated, the activities on social media are capable of setting the country on fire, especially as the country approaches national election.

“We have got experts to advise us and we have presented a bill to the senate. The bill has passed the first reading and it has been listed for the second reading.’’

Buhari said a lot of Nigerians make false claims and false accusations on social media to bring down those perceived to be their political enemies.

According to the Chairman, youths should use their ICT talent to develop the country’s economy and not use it to attack one another.

Though, for now the full content of the bill is still yet to be unknown, but part of regulating social media means taxing the citizens just like what Uganda and Zambia did.

In a short sentence, Nigerians may likely join the gang of those paying to use social media except if this bill is turned down.

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