NCC Directive – MTN Introduces Grace / Roll-Over Period For Its Data Plan

Before today, to roll over your unused data balance when you subscription expires, you need to renew your bundle before expiration. There was nothing like Grace / Roll-Over Period.

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After listening to several complains from Nigerians, NCC decided to bail out the subscribers from this cage by directing all internet service providers to extend their grace period in order to allow people with unused data balance to have adequate time for subsequent subscriptions and roll over.

Thus based on NCC’s directive: a new rule is now applicable on data bundle to allow rollover their un-used main data bundle when they renew their bundles after expiry or buy another bundle of the same category within the specified roll over period below, MTN has final yielded by extending its own.

Data Category Validity Roll Over Period
Daily bundles 1 Day 1Day
Weekly bundles 3 Days 3 Days
Monthly bundles 7 Days 7 Days


How It Works?

Daily Bundle: If you have subscribe for a daily plan on June 26, the expiry day is June 27 but you will still have another 24 hours to subscribe – June 28 – as Grace Period.

Weekly Bundle: For weekly bundle, you have extra 3 days to subscribe a new bundle before your data balance is wiped out.

Monthly Bundle: For monthly bundle, you have extra 7 days to subscribe a new bundle before your data balance is wiped out.

Note: You data balance is expected to still be working during this Grace Period.


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1 Comment
  1. Ifeanyi says

    Your data isn’t suppose to be working on the grace period.
    But your unused data will remain but won’t work and won’t be wipe out…until you re subscribe same data plan
    Until the end of the grace period..

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