Instagram Launches 4 Way Group Video Chat. Has An Interesting Trick

Instagram has today announced group video calls on Instagram Direct according to a publication by TechCrunch.

This feature was officially announced during 2018 F8 and it was a way for the company to keep up with the other social network services that offer this functionality.

Instagram group video calls will let upto four friends to group video call together via Direct, which sounds like a reasonable number, unlike what we saw Apple announce way back during WWDC.

Group Video calls follows the launching of Instagram’s IGTV, which is their move to let people upload longer videos (upto an hour). The now 1 billion user strong network is huge now and now offers the classic feed, Stories, IGTV and now Group Video Calling.

There is one cool feature about video calling on Instagram. You can minimize the video call window which can be bounced around the rest of Instagram so that you can continue having the call while browsing the network. People can join the video call while it is on progress and can mute them if you don’t want any more invites.

Instagram video call on Direct

To start a video call, head over to Direct and tap on the video chat button at the top right corner. You can call anyone you can DM but blocked users can’t call you.

This feature is now rolling out to everyone on iOS and Android so check out for an update at the various App Stores. We now have a plethora of ways to start video calls and people now have multiple ways to video call one another, especially in the Facebook ecosystem.

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