Important Apple iPhone X Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

The iPhone X is a new generation of iDevice with new ways of doing things. If you own one or are planning to buy one soon, you will appreciate some quick info on how to get some things done. We have compiled a number of Apple iPhone X tips and trick to help you with that.

Take A Screenshot

Everyone takes screenshots on their phones, whether it is a screenshot of that social media profile you are stalking or of a web page with some useful information. While things are a little doffferent on the iPhone X, taking a screenshot, thankfully, is a simple matter.

Just hold down the Side and the Volume Up buttons at the same time till you hear the camera shutter sound and see “flash” on your display. Screenshot taken. Dive into your images to fish it out any time. If you need to use or edit the screenshot right after taking it, look in the corner of your phone’s display.

Use Siri without voice command

While it is cool to activate Siri with your voice, it is not always expedient. You can also activate it by holding down the side button. Siri is at your command immediately.

Turn off your iPhone X

Where did the Power button go? Don’t panic. Hold down the side button and either volume button, then swipe to power off the phone. Easy!

Use One-handed Keyboard

Using a smartphone with a large display often means that one-handed use is difficult. To mitigate this, many smartphone manufacturers implement software for one form of one-handed use or the other. Apple put a one-handed software keyboard in the iPhone X.

To pull it up, open the app you want to type in, tap the emoji keyboard icon, then select the right or left-handed keyboard icon and watch your keyboard adjust to fit in a corner for easy one-handed use. Hello, Transformer.

Force Quit Apps

We bet you didn’t think you could force apps to quit on the iPhone X. But you can. Swipe up on the home bar from the bottom of any screen to pull up your phone’s app switcher, then swipe to the one you want to shut down, then hold it down till the red minus sign pops up.

Now, swipe up on the app or tap the red dot to force the app to close. Voila!

Force Reset Your iPhone X

What is a smartphone without a means of resetting it if it freezes up on you? A force reset is like the most important thing everyone needs to be able to do to their phone, because it is the grand solution to many problems.

To force reset your iPhone X, press and release the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons in quick succession and then hold down the Side button till you see the Apple logo. Your iPhone X will restart.

More Tips On iPhone X?

Do you use an iPhone X and have more user tips to share with us? Please use the comments box below. Do not forget to share this article with your network too.

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