If You Type “the 1975. . com” in the Google Search App, You’ll Get This

Android smartphones are sometimes greeted with funny and bizarre bug.

According to Reddit user’s discovery, he incorrectly typed in the website URL via the Google search app. Rather than typing, the user added an extra dot (.) and searched for and like you’ve figured, the page ended up displaying the SMS inbox as opposed to the website. Interestingly, iOS users don’t seem to have the same experience.

How Do You Come Across This Bug and Fix It?

Apparently, the syntax tricks the Google app into thinking that users are issuing a “show my messages” query, and to fix this temporarily, you have to revoke the Google app’s SMS permission.

Now, the result shown by Google Search is not new and is the same text message summary that can be invoked by asking Google to show your text messages.

However, it’s a bug and we hope Google issues a permanent fix, but till then, share your experience with us.

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