WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app in the globe now, commanding a whopping user base of more than 1.5 billion people. The app aids easy communication across the world and has become the never-let-go app of choice for a lot of people. Among everything users does on WhatsApp there are hundreds of images and videos they receive everyday on various groups and personal chats. These WhatsApp media files can quickly turn your device’s gallery into a muddled catalogue. So, if you want to ensure that your WhatsApp media doesn’t show up in your phone’s gallery, this post will help you out on how you can hide it.

Hide All WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Gallery

For someone like me with countless GIFs, images, and videos on WhatsApp every single day, there are chances that you’d like to simply stop all of them from turning your phone’s gallery app into a meme-wasteland. With a new update, WhatsApp has made this incredibly easy to do; simply follow the steps below.

Note: Previously downloaded images and videos will still display in your phone gallery. This setting only prevents new images from showing up.

Hide All WhatsApp Media in Android Phones

  1. In the WhatsApp app, tap on the three dot menu icon on the top right, and then tap on Settings.
  2. Here, go to “Chats”, and uncheck the box next to “Show media in gallery.”
  3. That’s it, from now on, any WhatsApp photos and videos will not show up in your phone’s gallery.
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Hide All WhatsApp Media in iPhone

  1. In the WhatsApp app on iPhone, head over to Settings, and then go to “Chats.”
  2. Here, turn off the toggle next to “Save to Camera Roll.”



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