How To Fix Invalid IMEI Error Display on Your Android Device

This post is going to provide you one of the easiest ways to fix Invalid IMEI error on Android Smartphones.

What Does IMEI means?

IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is the unique serial number of every GSM mobile cell phone.

The IMEI number is used by networks to identify valid phones and block stolen or blacklisted phones from accessing the network.

Causes Of Invalid IMEI

The possible reason for invalid IMEI error could be a problem from the MTK setup of the Android device.

It could also be as a result of after factory reset or flashing of the Android device without the removal of the mobile Sim network. Because sometimes, android phones usually fail to recognize the international mobile equipment identity ( IMEI ) after such operation.

How to Fix Invalid IMEI

Follow the simple guide below to fix invalid IMEI on Android

  1. Dial *#06# to check your current IMEI number so it will be easy to notice the changes or keep on record should at any time you decide to use the change IMEI.
  2. Download “MTK Engineer Mode” application from Google PlayStore.
  3. Install and run the application.
  4. Press “MTK Settings” from the first menu option.
  5. Slide left to “Connectivity”
  6. Next press “CDS Information” follow by “Radio Information” in the displayed menu option.
  7. If your device has two SIM option, choose the preferred slot for IMEI change.
  8. After “AT+” type EGMR=1,10,””
  9. Place the new IMEI number you want in between the double quote eg. AT+ EGMR=1,10,”358265013803256″
  10. Leave a space between the + sign and EGMR
  11. Send the command and reboot your device.
  12. Dial the above code again to see the changes.

The moment your android device IMEI has successfully changed, just proceed to restart your android device and see if your IMEI is working.

Use this code on your dialer *#06# to see if the new IMEI will display.

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