Before we move ahead, this post is exclusively for information purposes since it’s not everybody that is always buoyant to buy data, then you can actually get free data.

There is a new app that allow you to send mobile data, top-up and earn free data. The app is called DENT, designed by DENT Wireless Company.

It’s a trusted app with over 100 thousand downloads as at the time of writing this article. Yes, you can earn free data with it.

How To Earn Free Data With Dent?

There are many methods to earn your free data. You can share your referrals link with a friend and when he or she uses the link to download and register onto Dent app, you get 20 dents instantly, same goes to your friend.


For example, the 20 dents can allow you buy heavy and cheap mobile data available on their recommended deals.

You can use your free dent to buy some recommended deals as seen below:

  1. 100MB for 25 Dents
  2. 100MB for 30 Dents
  3. 50MB for 42 Dents
  4. 250MB for 30 Dents
  5. 50MB for 15 Dents
  6. 1GB for 60 Dents
  7. 750MB for 86 Dents

How To Start Earning?

  • Download dent app HERE
  • Launch the app and enter your mobile number
  • Verification code will be sent to your mobile number, enter and proceed
  • Connect your Facebook or Google or Manually. In my case I choose manually
  • The moment your registration is complete, you’ll receive 30 dents as seen above.
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Simply copy your referral link and share it with friends. The more you invite the more dents you earn.

Does It Work in My Country?

Dent is currently available in most countries including US, Zambia, South Africa, UAE, Nigeria etc.

For signing up alone, your free dents can get you up to 500MB depending on the recommended deals.

Is It Possible To Withdraw Dent to my Bank Account?

No. You can only use dent to buy data.



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