Facebook Wants You To Know How Much Time You Spend on It

Do you think you are spending too much time on your social media accounts especially on the biggest social network – Facebook? Even though time spent on a website (as shown by websites like Alexa) is an important metric to these companies, there are obvious side effects to it and now Facebook is trying to help you out.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Facebook is reportedly testing a tool that will show users how much time they are spending on the social network.

“We’re always working on new ways to help make sure people’s time on Facebook is time well spent,” a spokesperson told the publication.

The feature was revealed within piles of code by Jane Manchun Wong and she shared the screenshots on Twitter.

This functionality could be part of the options on Facebook where when you click on it, it displays your average time usage on the app in the past week complete with the specific times for the days. You can even set a daily reminder that will send a notification when you reach the time you’ve allocated for yourself to use Facebook.

This test comes at an odd period when Apple subtly trolled Facebook during WWDC 2018 where they showed how you could understand how much time you use on apps by displaying Facebook apps.

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