Bizarre! Government Shutdown Country’s Internet Because Of Exam Malpractice

Algeria’s government made a “smart move” – in her own opinion and shut down the internet on Wednesday, 20 June 2018. The reason behind this move was to curb exam malpractice that is now rampant during the country’s Highschool Finals Diploma exam.

The country’s internet was shut down for a total of two hours, after the government directed all telcos to cut-off internet access to ensure high school exams run smoothly, without cheating. One telco, Algerie Telecom confirmed this in a statement citing that it was complying to “instructions from the government, aimed at ensuring the high school diploma tests run smoothly.”

This is not the first time Algeria’s government is putting a nozzle on internet access during the exam period. Trouble started when in 2016, there was mass leakage of exam papers. This led to the government issuing a restriction on social media access during the exam period in 2017 but this did not stop the leaks. This led to the use of tougher methods this year.

Aside from completely shutting down the internet, the country’s Minister of Education, Nouria Benghabrit, said that all electronic devices with internet access will be banned from high school exam centres and metal detectors will be installed at the entrances of the exam centres.

This bizarre move by shutting down the internet during the exam period is not the first time it will happen in the continent. Just the other day, Ethiopia shut down internet access for a whole week during the country’s national exam. Algerians are expected to continue with the internet blackouts until the so-called exams are completed.

My concern is, what will be the next move for the subsequent year if the students still manage to cheat this year?

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