Legal Battle: Apple and Samsung Finally Settle After 7 Years In Court

Apple and Samsung have finally settled their legal dispute privately and effectively ceased all legal action after 7 years of court battles over patents and design, rulings and appeals.

The legal battle between the two giants started in 2011 when Apple formally accused Samsung of copying the iPhone. In 2012 a jury ruled that Samsung copied Apple and had to pay $1B in damages. Samsung appealed and eventually in 2018 the damages payment was reduced to $539M. Yet agian, the Korean company appealed.

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Following the appeal a court date of June 26 was appointed, but Apple and Samsung sort out a settlement deal to end all claims and counter-claims privately, out of court. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

It’s unclear what money Apple has received from Samsung in the course of their dispute and it looks like we will have to wait for the financial reports of the two companies to learn if any money changed hands at all.

Though Samsung or Apple is yet to release an official statement on the new development.


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