Android Messages Integration With Chrome OS Coming Soon

About a year ago, an ‘SMS connect’ feature appeared on Chrome OS. This feature allows users to see text messages from their handset on your Chromebook, similar to Pushbullet and similar software. Since then, everything about the development went into thin air as no one heard much about it, however, Google has also been working on a web client for Android Messages. This is great for Chrome OS users, a new commit reveals SMS Connect is one step closer to going live.

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A commit on the Chromium Gerrit repository, as spotted by XDA, simply adds a feature flag for “CrOS Android Messages integration.” In simpler words, SMS Connect will become a feature you an easily turn on from the chrome://flags page, meaning users will finally be able to try it out.

The changed files don’t reveal anything else about how the feature will work, except there will be some kind of pairing process with the phone (perhaps similar to Allo’s desktop client). Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the feature to go live.

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