Akon Planning To Launch Cryptocurrency Called Akoin

The American-based Senegal-born music star launching a new cryptocurrency called Akoin that will be available for sale in two weeks with hopes it will help further help the continent. He says the cryptocurrency will be the currency of choice in Akon Crypto City, a 2,000-hectare development which is under construction in an area just outside Dakar, Senegal’s capital city.

Akon describes the development as the real-life Wakanda. He also believes the technology has benefits for those on African soil, disadvantaged by political and social circumstances. Unfortunately, Akon didn’t reveal any technical details of the cryptocurrency.

“I think that blockchain and crypto could be the savior for Africa in many ways because it brings the power back to the people and brings the security back into the currency system and also allows the people to utilize it in ways where they can advance themselves and not allow government to do those things that are keeping them down,” he explained during a Meredith sponsored panel moderated by People deputy editor JD Heyman.

When asked technical questions about the blockchain, Akon quipped, “I come with the concepts and let the geeks figure it out.”


The “Don’t Matter” singer, who has previously stated he’s thinking about getting into politics, said he is ready to take on not just President Donald Trump, but Kanye West in 2020.

“I actually really want Kanye to run,” said the artist.

He already has the debate planned.

“It’s gonna be entertaining, it’s gonna be something worth watching,” he explained. “I’m going to go after Trump and Kanye will get offended because he likes Trump and he’s going to go after me. Then I’m going to go after Kanye and then Trump’s going to get offended because he likes Kanye and he’s going to go after me. And the debate stage will be set where it’s all about me. It’s perfect, a masterplan.”

“I’m going to come in with a team so crazy, man, it’s all going down. I’m not holding my tongue. The way I look at it, win or lose, at least I get the movement going, I get the conversation going. Someone has to tell [Trump] to his face, what it really is, no politic[al] conversation, no language that we don’t understand, like ‘No motherf–ker, you’re a liar,’” He continued

Akon claimed, “I’m not scared of him. I would invite him into the ring. You know what? Matter of fact, let’s just go in the ring, Pay-Per-View … you guys can decide whether it’s gonna be a boxing match or MMA. Someone’s got to defeat the bully.”


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