YouTube Is Testing Incognito Mode In Its App

One of the most useful and important feature in browsers is the “Incognito Mode”. This can be very important and handy when you are logging into your account via somebody else’s computer. Well now, YouTube is testing the very same feature on its Android app.

How It Works?

YouTube already has a feature that stops the app from recording watch and search history and you can find it under Settings > History & privacy. But the new Incognito Mode would that process shorter and makes it easier to access by just tapping your account picture in the top right corner, where a “Turn on Incognito” toggle will be available. No need to digg in the settings menu anymore.

After activation, your YouTube app won’t record your current session and the subscription list will be hidden. The familiar Incognito icon will be visible in the top right corner indicating that you are browsing YouTube anonymously.

As of now, the feature is still in its testing period so not all devices have it but most probably it will be available to the wider audience sooner than later.

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