You Might Be Jailed For Buying London Use Phones

Buying used phones which some of call UK or London use phones has brought the believe that you can definitely get all the features you’ll get in a brand new phone. You even here people claiming that ” it’s pure waste of money to purchase a brand new phone, when you can get a fairly use high-end phone”

Though London use phones are cheap but that does not guarantee they are reliable and good. In most cases, these devices have been reported stolen in other countries. According a report released by The Sun UK in April, the growing number of smartphone thefts in the UK is linked to the London-used phone boom in Nigeria — Lagos especially.

RRS Commander took to twitter days ago to announced that London use Phones will land you in Jail if you take it to UK, US, Germany, South Africa etc because they have been flagged off as #stolen, #robbed or been used for #fraud.

A gang of robbers is reported to be going around snatching smartphones (mostly iPhones ) from pedestrians on the streets of the UK. In 2017 alone, there were reportedly 16,158 phone crimes linked to the gang. Then, these phones are shipped to Nigeria and most of them end up in the phone stores as London use phones.

Actually, there’s no law against buying London-used phones in Nigeria but taking these phones outside Nigeria could land you in jail.

Well, for your safety, take caution in this business.

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