You Can Now Share Your Android Phone’s Screen On Google Duo

A new update has started rolling out to Google’s Duo video calling app, tagged version 34. The update comes with a very important feature: users’ ability to share their device’s screen with who they are talking to.

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How To Access The Feature

To access the feature, simply tap on the screen sharing icon (that circle containing a phone logo), and you’ll be urged to permit the functionality.

Once you allow, your device’s home screen will pop up with a red border around it (which shows the area being shared) and options to pause and stop screen sharing.

Isn’t this cool? Except that it’s not working at all. The feature is completely broken, with some users’ reports saying the only thing the receiver sees is a frozen image of your screen, while others say the receiver faced a gray frame instead.

Google is expected to roll out another update soon in order to fix these bugs. Meanwhile, please share your own experience with us about the feature in the comments below.


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