Yahoo’s New Group Chat App Squirrel Now live on Google Play

Just when we think market for chat apps is filled up, even the almighty Google is struggling to be more relevant than what it is, Yahoo is coming up with its own. Yahoo is the latest to join the train with its new organized group chat app named “Squirrel,” which mysteriously appeared on the Play Store just earlier yesterday.

The app is invite only as of yet, and brings a mixture of messaging app and team chat functionality.

Users can create chat rooms – both public and private – share files and photos with people in those rooms but also mention people to get their attention and send Blast messages which are more important and are seen by everyone – like in popular team chat app Slack.

It’s exciting to see what the new Verizon-owned Yahoo will do now. But if this is any sign, Yahoo is getting more serious about messaging. To download the app, simply head to the source link below.


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