Need A Used iPhones? Here Are The Best Places to Get One

Did you know about the purchaser who found an online advertisement for a used iPhone, paid for it, waited for his order, and after that found that the iPhone is damaged? There are numerous stories like this on the internet. The internet can be a wild place when it comes to buying and selling. However, there are things you can do to stay away from or decrease the chances of these scams. Here are the best places to buy used iPhones.

If you want to buy a used iPhone, you have to look for a trust-able and reputed site where you find the value of your money. Purchasing a refurbished or used iPhone is a good decision if you want to save your hard-earned cash. You just need to purchase it from trustworthy sellers.

Here is the list of a few best places to purchase used iPhones online without being defrauded. They provide services that exist to make more trust amongst buyers and sellers on the web.

Buy Used iPhones On eBay

While there are some drastic stories of customers who’ve been misled on eBay, the organization has really executed a few safety measures that make the site an entirely safe place to purchase and offer pretty much anything. Vendors can give pictures, information about the product, and details on the state of the mobile phones, and you’ll likewise have the option to talk with merchants through eBay if you have additional inquiries or need clarification.

Another perk about eBay is that it offers a money back guarantee so that you can send back your phone for a refund if what you get doesn’t match what the dealer promoted. With safety efforts baked into the site, eBay offers an extensive variety of choices since there are numerous phones listed on the site. Furthermore, purchasers can give feedback on merchants, which can likewise help you to discover dealers who have strong client review scores.

Buy Used iPhones On Amazon

By utilizing the Amazon platform, you can purchase utilized and refurbished phones directly from prominent phone makers and additionally from different resellers. Similar to the case with dealers on eBay, merchants on Amazon are rated by purchasers, so you can discover which retailers you need to purchase a utilized phone from. Also, certified refurbished phones sold by Amazon have a 90-day guarantee, and a few dealers may offer their own extra guarantees too.

Buy Used iPhones On Decluttr

Decluttr is a site that will joyfully offer you its utilized phone stock. While the option to buy a used phone is much more affordable than buying a new phone, the costs you pay on Decluttr are a bit higher when compared with the costs offered by eBay or Amazon.

But, what you are getting nice with Decluttr is free tracked shipping on all technology and in addition, 2-week returns, ensured refurbished quality gadgets, and a year restricted guarantee on tech.

Buy Used iPhones On Swappa

Swappa is a client-to-client commercial center that guarantees just gently used technology is sold to the purchasers. You will have the capacity to discover more reasonable prices by removing the middleman. Also, there are no selling charges; however purchasers will have to pay a little expense that comes connected with the sale cost.

Buy Used iPhones On Gazelle

Gazelle is one of the best “reCommerce” websites available. The organization buys utilized cell phones, tablets and other electronics from vendors before reviewing, confirming, and selling the items to customers at a reasonable price.

Products likewise get Gazelle certification, which means no agreements or strings connected. Moreover, everything has passed a 30-point quality review, and as the wonderful finish, purchasers have a 30-day risk free return policy.

What to Consider when Buying a Used Cell Phone?

There are a few factors to consider when buying a used iPhone, for example. Here they are:


In what condition the phone is at present? Is it in poor, reasonable, great, or like-new condition? Make sure to audit photographs and confirm to ensure you know what you will be getting before you make the payment.


Analyse costs of the specified used iPhones among different websites to ensure you’re sparing the maximum amount possible.


Is the phone unlocked or locked? If you buy the phone locked, you may need to do some extra legwork to open the phone. We suggest choosing an unlocked phone, which furnishes you with ideal flexibility and enables you to spare more by switching to a cheap carrier like Mint SIM or US Mobile.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a used iPhone ought to have a guarantee. Try to examine the details of the producer’s or store’s guarantee. For instance, a refurbished iPhone purchased from Apple will have a one-year guarantee.

Last Words

If you wish to have an iPhone, but prefer not to spend a huge amount of cash, no problem, these outlets offers you options.

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