MTN, Glo and Others Insists That Social Media Services Should Be Regulated

Telecom operators are coming back again to urge the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to regulate OTT services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype among others.

This is not the first time, this request which is unpleasant to consumers would be made to the regulator. Sometimes in 2017, Telcos threaten to block OTT services like WhatsApp and Skype due to revenue losses they claim to have recorded from international calls and are scared they “may lose between N20tn and N30tn by the end of 2018.

Now again, Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), has called for the licensing for and regulation of Over-The-Top (OTT) services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp Messenger to generate more money for the country.

ALTON chairman said OTT services are surely a threat to network operators but we cannot rule out the fact that users need to have an active Internet subscription — provided by the ISPs and telcos — to be able to access these services.

He noted that telecoms operators were only licensed to supply voice, data and text messages for which they were charged on annual basis.

NCC rejected the plea last year. It said OTT services cannot be regulated.


Are Nigerian Telcos trying to move the Nation backward or why are they complaining despite the exhorbitant price tag on their data bundle. They even have data subscriptions specifically designed for some of these services.

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