Amazing! Completely Bezel-less – Live Image Of nubia Z18 Leaks

The Chinese company nubia appears to have wage war against bezels and taken it far ahead of its rivals. The company started with the Z9 to the Z17 where the bezels use light refraction to make it appear that the display stretches to the very edge.

A poster from earlier this week showed that the nubia is ready with a new iteration of its display technology, and appreciations to a leaked photo of the nubia Z18, you know what the Full Screen 3.0 will look like on the next flagship.

The side bezels seem curved, with the screen pushing against the metal frame. It practically has no bezels on both sides and the top, but sadly, lighting falls in such way that we can’t see if there will be a notch.

On the bottom we see a red virtual home key, meaning the chin of the Z18 will also be extremely small and significantly slimmer than the bottom bezel of the Z17s. Sources say the phone will also have Snapdragon 845 and 8 GB RAM, but no other specs have been confirmed just yet.

The nubia Z18 is expected to arrive in June. Although it will keep the nubia UI for its domestic market, we hope the global units will switch to Stock Android, as promised back in March.


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