Football is a powerful and popular sport around the world and it has been traditionally aired on cable and satellite TV first. Apart from the usual leagues people follow, the other major football tournament people religiously follow is the Uefa Champions League and it runs its course parallel to the other European leagues.

The finals of the Champions League usually comes up in May which is still the same this year but only on your TV. Now, you will be able to watch it through another channel: YouTube.

“We have always said we want to make top quality sport available to more people and so once again we will be making the UEFA Champions League final and the Europa League final available to watch online for free,” BT Sport was quoted as saying.

The Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid will be available for free on YouTube on May 26 on BT Sport’s YouTube channel. Interestingly enough, the match will be streamed live in 4K on YouTube, so if you have really fast Wi-Fi, you’d be in for a treat.

This is not the first time BT Sports has done this. 2018 is the third year in a row where they have made the Champions League final free to watch live on YouTube. They are did that for the Europa League final yesterday, which was between Marseille and Atletico Madrid.

This is a sweet move for football fans.


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