How Run Android P Launcher on Your Android Phone

Google announced the Android P Beta on stage yesterday at Google I/O and the next flavor of the company’s mobile OS is looking undeniably spectacular. The new Android P Developer Preview 2 has been made available for a good number of devices apart from the Google’s Pixel line-up, and it comes with a load of features.

With Android P, Google has also brought on an update for the Pixel Launcher –the default launcher for all Pixel devices. A reason for many of us to be intrigued to try out the new Pixel Launcher from Android P on our Android devices. With this, let go on to learn how to get the Android P Pixel Launcher running on your Android device.

How Run Android P Launcher on Your Android Phone

For you to get the new Pixel Launcher for Android P Beta, simply download the .APK file from here, and install it just like a normal APK file. Here are some screenshots of the new Pixel Launcher in action on OnePlus 5T:

Truth be told, there aren’t a ton of differences in the new Android P Pixel Launcher and the one that has been available for users otherwise. Most of it are just a few visual tweaks. For example, earlier, when you had to enter the Launcher Settings, holding the screen would present you with a set of options at the bottom. However, in the new Pixel Launcher, the list of Launcher Settings are shown in a new dialog box, as shown below:

Pixel Launcher Settings Earlier (left); New Pixel Launcher Settings (right)

Pixel Launcher Settings Earlier (left); New Pixel Launcher Settings (right)

Overall, the new Pixel Launcher feels fresh and snappy. I would further like to point that in order to use the launcher to change your launcher’s wallpaper, you need to install the Google Wallpapers app (free), without which the app won’t work. Additionally, do note that the following launcher only works on devices running Android Oreo or above (8.0+).

So, did you try out the new Pixel Launcher from Android P Beta? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments down below.

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