Sometimes ago, I was serious looking for how to verify my Amazon affiliate registration but couldn’t find a better option than to get a US phone number. Though, it later went through with my GLO line after weeks of trials. However, you can still get a free USA phone number from Nigeria to easily pass through that stage or for any similar program.

A lots of websites and mobile apps issues free US Phone numbers but I am going to talk about TextPlus in this post. With TextPlus app for android, I was able to get a US number for free in Nigeria.

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How To Get Free U.S Phone Number With TextPlus App

Getting a free USA phone number from TextPlus is easy. All you need to do is to

  • Download TextPlus app for iOS or Android to your smart phone
  • Then sign up for TextPlus account and sign in.
  • Once you are signed in, select the USA state and your preferred area code.
  • Select the “custom number” option and the app will generate and display your USA phone number.

Afterward, you can start giving out the USA number to your friends, customers etc. If they call the phone number, it will ring on the phone which you installed the TextPlus app on. With TextPlus, you can also SMS text any US or Canada number or call worldwide. We are going to discuss more on how to use TextPlus app later.

That’s all.

Please note that your text TextPlus Plus USA number is free to keep as long as you use it. So, be sure to send a message or complete a phone call at least once a week. Not doing so may result in your number being reclaimed.

However, you can purchase one of TextPlus “keep my number” products from TextPlus store or via a credit swap to ensure the number remains in your possession.

You can read more about features of TextPlus app, the TextPlus call rates etc at



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