In line with business transformation, MTN Nigeria made a decision to utilize available capability to locally generate PINs via an already acquired and installed platform- Next Generation Voucher Server- NGVS.

One of the key stakeholders affected by the shift are the company’s Trade Partners. Their ability to print 17 digit PINs is very critical to the business, so below is a frequently asked questions in form of educational material to the concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 17 digit PIN all about?

MTN Nigeria is increasing the number of digits for the PINS from 16 to 17 digits. That means when subscribers purchase a scratch card of any denomination, the number of PINs they will type in the process of loading will be 17.

2. Does the serial number digits increase to 17 as well?


No. Only the PINs will change from 16 to 17. The serial number digits remains 16.

3. Can the Trade Partners buy 16 digit PINs and 17 digit PINs at same time?

It’s not possible to order 16 digit PINs and 17 digit PINs of same denomination at the same time. Different digits of different denominations can be ordered and downloaded same time.

Note: however that MTN intends to cut off sales of 16 digit PINs of all denominations at same time.

4. What is the cutoff date? That is. When do we expect that 16 digit PIN orders will be stopped?

A formal communication will be sent to all partners on the cut-off date.

5. We still have 16 digit PIN vouchers ordered in the past still not sold. After the cutover date, are they still valid for sell and for use?

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Yes. Old 16 digit vouchers remain valid and useable on the network even after the cutover to 17 digit PIN vouchers.

6. We printed 16 digit PIN vouchers and it came out with 17 digits PINs appending zeros at the end. Why is this so?

This has to do with your printing software. If you are using same software to print 16 digit and 17 digit PIN vouchers, you must get your printing software engineer to configure it such that only values present on the vouchers are printed without any appending any character at the end.

Alternatively, if the software for printing 16 and 17 digit PIN vouchers are different, ensure you do not mix it up. That is, print 17 PIN vouchers using the printing software meant for 17 PIN vouchers and use the ones meant for 16 digit PIN vouchers separately.


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