Facebook Is Testing a “Send in WhatsApp” Sharing Button

Ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed, you suddenly come across a really funny video or meme and feel like sharing it with your friends through WhatsApp? Undeniably, hopping from one to another can be a pain at times but Facebook is about to put an end to that with the introduction of new dedicated button.

Currently, to share pictures or videos on other apps from Facebook, you are required to copy the link and send it manually. Even sharing pictures is a multi-step process, and this should get a lot easier with the “Send in WhatsApp”, as seen in a recently shared screenshot.

As per Matt Navarra, who was previously associated with The Next Web, the Facebook app might soon have an option to share posts directly on WhatsApp through the alleged button. Navarra credits Indian developer Pritom Mazumdar for the tip.

The button is similar to the “Send in Messenger” button which is used to share posts directly with friends through the Facebook Messenger app. However, it is unclear whether this functionality has already arrived for certain users or was tipped to be coming soon by Mazumdar.


According to Beebom, users were unable to spot the feature on both Android and iOS apps including the latest beta version of Facebook on Android. Since the developer is also from India, it is unlikely that the feature is region-specific. Based on the color scheme, the feature appears to be a part of the Android app.

This update is from an unreleased or a restricted test version for developers. It is also possible that the feature is rolling out to select users and might reach others after sufficient testing.

What do you think about this development?

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