Checkout This 2.3 Million Naira ($6,450) Pair of Leather Headphones

Venezuelan DJ and music producer Arca has teamed up with luxury retailer Ssense and leather company Fleet Ilya to design a $6,450 (NGN 2,328,450.00) pair of leather BDSM headphones. Seriouslly?

The headphones are integrated into a leather cage headpiece with studded details. It features suede-covered ear pads, a built-in remote, and adjustable collar. Unfortunately, they’re not wireless, so you will have to plug your BDSM headphones into a music source.

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According to the product page, the headphones are being sold “exclusively as an art object, and is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.” In other words, if you’re spending this much on an art piece, don’t expect to get any refunds if the leather starts to wear out. Worryingly, the disclaimer also notes: “Use of the product by a user is at the user’s own risk and peril,” which makes me wonder if the makers actually want people to use this for listening to music at all.

Arca revealed the collaboration in an Instagram post, saying, “hey i designed some headphones it’s casual they’re really cheap pick up a pair or don’t or whatever either way i’m locking you into the sound,” ending with an emoji of red lips.

If you’re really into these headphones, they’re available now. Be quick, though, as there’s only one pair left. And if they’re a little bit expensive for your taste, Arca sells just the leather headpiece for $5,275 (no headphones), doing away with the pretense you’ll use these for music at all.

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