Talking of one of the most popular MTN Nigeria tariff plans the telco company offer its subscribers, it’s MTN Zone. Being a part of one of the biggest data providers in Africa, MTN is one of the most popular providers of telecommunication services in Nigeria. Let’s checkout the MTN Zone tariff plan.

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MTN has a range of affordable and beneficial tariff plans but let’s stop at one precise tariff plan, which is known as MTN Zone.

The essence of MTN Zone tariff

The MTN Zone tariff provides incredible discounts on the calls made within the MTN network. To enjoy this possibility, you need to be a prepaid customer of MTN. This is how you can receive up to 99% discount on all MTN to MTN calls.


In most cases, when you make calls that don’t exceed the MTN network, your calls will cost you as little as 1 kobo per second.

Benefits of MTN Zone tariff plan:

  • Your calls made to all other MTN customers will be charged as low as only 1 kobo per second
  • You will have certain Happy Hours, during which your calls will be the cheapest for you.
  • You will be able to set the network services in your personal way to receive call notifications
  • You will be given access to all the Value Added Services MTN possesses
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Ways to migrate to MTN Zone tariff plan

You can easily migrate to the Zone tariff from your current one if you decide that it meets your demands and suits you with its conditions. The migration process involves only one simple step: you need to dial *135*1# and you are there!

Unlike other tariff plans that demand to have some money on your balance, this tariff has no such requirements. The transition is simple and free. You can start saving your money with the help of one of the most cost-effective tariff plans MTN has in Nigeria.

MTN dialing codes

As many other data providers, MTN has a range of special codes that can provide you with important information and useful services. For the MTN Zone tariff plan, there are the following codes:

  • Dial *135*1# for registration
  • Dial *135# for the registration status
  • Dial *135*9# for deregistration
  • Dial *135*2# for information
  • Dial *135*3# for other available tariff plans
  • Dial *135*4# for the setup of cell broadcasting
  • Dial *135*5# for the Zone help
  • Dial *135*6# to turn the notifications off
  • Dial *135*7# to turn the notifications on
  • Dial *135*8# for the general information

This is what you need to know about the MTN Zone tariff plan. If you have questions, turn to the regional dealers of MTN data and make things clear with official representatives of the company.

Bonus tips from MTN: how to make cheap calls outside the network?

While the tariff plan offers to make cheap calls network, you may be interested in cheap calls to other networks. You don’t need to migrate to any other plan because with the Zone tariff plan it’s quite easy. The steps to perform the tweak are the following:

  • Migrate to the Zone tariff plan if you still aren’t there. It’s simply dialing *135*1# from your currently valid MTN number
  • Turn on the cell broadcasting. By default, it’s supposed to be already on in your phone. This option will show you the available call rates with discounts for your current location
  • If you want to call other networks, add *555 to the end of the number when dialing it. This trick will make the server detect these numbers as the MTN network
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The Zone tariff has the so-called happy hours when calls are the cheapest for you. This is usually the time from, roughly, 11 am and right up to 4 pm. It means that you pay much less than you regularly do but still not as little as other customers who live in less populated areas.

Hopefully, these little tricks will help you enjoy MTN tariff plans better and save as much money as possible. Share the information with your friends who also have MTN tariffs to help them save their money, too, and enjoy comfortable conditions.



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