4.4 Millions iPhone Users Drags Google To Court For Collecting Personal Data

Is Google In Trouble?

For the somedays now, my mail boxes have been busy receiving all kinds of mail tagged “Update of Privacy Policy and Agreement” from different company’s in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for all individual within EU.

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GDPR has instilled a serious fear into most those company’s heart. About 4.4 Million iPhone users have sued Google or its parent company Alphabet for collecting personal data.

If the case enjoys a good portion of success, each individual could receive £750 (N361,414) pounds from Google.

Complaints are coming from users of Apple’s iPhones. They have formed a group called Google You Owe Us and have sued
the tech giant for compensation that could run into billions of dollars, if the court decrees so.

Their main complaint is that their personal details have been wrongfully collected by Google though their devices have a data protection given by Apple.

Google, according to them, managed to bypass the settings. Interestingly much of this information has been obtained from the documents filed by Google in a court in London.

However, Alphabet the parent company of Google denied the allegations made in the suit and has further questioned the jurisdiction of the London court.

Guess, I need to quickly get an iPhone to join the league. What do you think?


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