You Could Be In Trouble With This Lip-reading Technology

After photoshop ruined that common say “pictures did not lie”, Video editing has made everything worse. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, a team of 3 scientists led by Google computer scientist named Supasorn Suwajanakorn has invented a lip-reading technology that can learn how anyone speaks and then use the data to create convincing, fake videos of them saying anything he wants.

Is that sinking in? Do you have any idea how scary that is? This is video editing taken to nightmare levels. Anyone with access to this technology can make a video of you making a terrorist or treasonable statement and put you in big trouble.

This new lip-reading technology watches videos of a person talking to learn how to imitate the way they talk. It then can be used to create a convincing, fake video of them. Here is an example of a synthesized video of Barack Obama.

The result is realistic and convincing. A fake video. The results were so convincing that Google hired Supasorn. Again, this is a nightmare. Photos now lie, and even videos can now lie in the most convincing way.

Now, there’s a big question one should deduce from this new tech, of what good is this development?

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