Now that TSTV is finally out, I know you must have been thinking of the fastest means of obtaining yours. Though the pay Tv company is yet to release the type of decoder I would like to have due to its internet connectivity function.

The company must have accredited at least a dealer in your location. So to pick up your Sassy decoder,

  • Please visit this link
  • Scroll down to your state. The decoder is available in every state.
  • You’ll find the name, address and phone number of the accredited resellers closest to you.

Important Note: Ensure you wait and test run your decoder after purchase to avoid unnecessary story. Kindly share your feedback with if you’ve succeeded in picking up yours.

Below are some other things you might want to know about the new Sassy Decoder.

Is Sassy Decoder HD?
Yes, it is HD and I bet you are going to love it

Is There allowance For Data Subscription?
As stated in our previous post that the data subscription will only be available on the second decoder (Dexterity) which will soon be in market.

Will Dexterity Decoder Be Available?
Dexterity decoder – Virtually everybody have been wondering if this decoder is ever going to see the lght of the day as promised by the company. TSTV promised that it going to come with more than 200+ channels with free 20GB of data. Well, Yes, the Dexterity decoder is going to to be available next month.

Will I be Able to Swap the Sassy Decoder for Dexterity Decoder?
Once the second decoder is out, you’ll be able to swap the sassy for the Dexterity with just N2500 and you’ll enjoy the full package.
However, there is a lot this sassy decoder has to offer you such like the PVR function – and free to air tstv channels might be scrambled since every one is aggressively picking up their own decoder.

Please, kindly share your experience with us if you’ve picked up your TSTV Sassy Decoder + the dish, and are you willing to swap it for the main Dexterity decoder when its available?


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