TStv Now Allows Customers To Subscribe For Only Their Favourite

Telcom Satellite Television TStv, has started putting smile on its customers by giving then real value for their money. The new pay Tv have continue to add new channels and features to its service ever since the launch of the Sassy Decoder.

The latest addition is what TSTV called A’ La Carte Subscription. According to the company, “A’ la carte subscription gives a subscriber the opportunity to choose and pay for only their channels of interest.”

This simply implies that customers can only pay for the channels they are interested in and save money by so doing. This flexibility is not available in most other digital TV providers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

This new feature is currently lacking in some TStv rivals such as GOtv and Startimes. So, for example if your favourite channels are Discovery Channel, music or sport channels, you will only need to subscribe for them and ignore the movie, lifestyle, religious and kids channels.

Recall that TSTV is an indigenous Pay TV company owned by an Imo State young business man by name Bright Echefu.

The company was launched last year in Nigeria and some other African countries but the availability of Decoders and accessories were delayed until April 2018 when it decided to make available a version of the decoder called Sassy but promised to commercially make Dexterity decoders available soon. Though no particular date was mentioned.

Note that Sassy Decoder has about 70 channels and the TStv made 55 channels free for two months while the dexterity decoder will have over 250 channels including free data, wifi, pause subscription, record programs and so on. The price of Sassy Decoder is 3500 Naira while the installation cost is 2500 Naira.

What do you think about this TStv A’ La Carte Subscription? Hit or Miss!

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1 Comment
  1. Patrick Akinyede says

    I have comments as well as questions. I hope questions are permitted on this forum?
    1. Innovations introduced by TSTV like: pay as you view, A La Carte, suspension etc are not only most welcome especially for ALL Cadre of subscribers but also in line with what obtains in developed countries.
    2. These innovations plus others should curtail monopoly hitherto enjoyed by some Pay TV companies. Please ride on and keep it up and running.
    3. MyTv subscribers weren’t carried along about the change before services were abruptly cut off. Text or email or on-screen messages should have been sent to prepare subscribers’ minds ahead of the upcoming changes.
    Questions: 1. For A La Carte choice, for example, must all channels under news be made or subscribers can choose any number of news channels? (eg, can one choose 4 news channels, 3 sports channels , 4 religious channels and 2 kids channels since payment is per channel?
    2. The #12,000 to be paid by subscribers who have Strong decoder 497S migrating to TSTV will be credited to their wallet be used for subscription to channels selection or could the disbursement be explained better? The dealers I asked this question couldn’t answer.
    3. When will the other MyTv subscribers who own other Strong Decoders eg STB 4935 & STB 4940 be able to migrate to TSTV so that they don’t have to buy TSTV decoders? Replies to my questions could be emailed to me.

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