Microsoft has almost made it a tradition by improving its Windows 10 OS almost every 6 months. Last year, it brought the Creators Update around April and the Fall Creators Update that was released in October. And now, Microsoft has announced that the next major update ws expected to be released this month.

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Microsoft has officially announced that the next update to Windows 10, which it now called Windows 10 April 2018 Update is scheduled to roll out as a free download, beginning from Monday next week. (April 30th). Each major update comes with a slew of new updates and the April 2018 update has 3 new headlining features:


Microsoft pitches Timeline as a feature that would let you go back in time (upto 30 days) to find your stuff. The company sas this will also allow you to pick up what you were doing on Edge, Office 365 on your iOS or Android device if you were signed on your Microsoft account.

This feature will be useful for that moment you were working on a certain project but you forgot where you saw a certain idea and I’m glad Microsoft has baked this in.


Focus Assist

In today’s world, social media has completely taken over our lives and our screen on time too, which brings about a distraction problem.

Microsoft wants to remedy this with what they are calling Focus Assist. If you want to get things done without distractions like social media or any other distraction, turn on focus assist. It can also be set automatically at certain times of the day when you need to focus.

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This feature also extends to Microsoft Edge where you can now mute and unmute tabs that are playing sounds. Reading mode can now go full screen to make it less distracting and there is now a ‘clutter free’ printing option.

Voice input

Voice input is not new and what Microsoft is introducing here is Dictation. Microsoft now wants you to use its improved dictation feature to take notes using your voice.


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