Samsung Launches Notebook 5 and 3 Series – Very Light & Practical Laptops

Samsung has unveiled three new Windows laptops with solid and amazing performance coupled with a practical build. The Samsung Notebook 5 features a 15.6” 1080p screen and a metal body. The other two are Notebook 3 models – one with a 14” screen and one with 15.6”.

Samsung Notebook 5

Most specs of the trio and almost identical. The laptops come with a choice between an 8th or 7th generation Intel processors, the higher-end models also come with distinct Nvidia graphics. Checkout their full specs below the post.

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Samsung Notebook 5

They have full keyboards with numpads, “ergonomically crafted” key caps and a wide trackpad which makes them practical laptops. Their screens have anti-glare panels calibrated with the Samsung Color Engine.

Samsung Notebook 3 Series

The Samsung Notebook 3 and 5 is expected to be available first in Korea (in April) and will then finds its way to the global markets in Q2.

Samsung Notebook 3 Series
  Samsung Notebook 3 14″ Samsung Notebook 3 15.6″ Samsung Notebook 5 15.6″
Display 14″ 720p 15.6″ 1080p 15.6″ 1080p
  15.6″ 720p  
Processor Intel 8th gen quad-core Intel 8th gen quad-core Intel 8th gen quad-core
Intel 7th gen dual core Intel 7th gen dual core Intel 7th gen dual core
Graphics Integrated Integrated Nvidia MX150 (2 GB)
  Nvidia MX110 (2 GB)  
Battery 43 Wh 43 Wh 43 Wh
Weight 1.68 kg 1.97 kg 1.97 kg
Thickness 19.8 mm 19.9 mm 19.6 mm


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