It’s no longer news that the NPower 2017 list of shortlisted applicants is officially out. In this post we will reveal to you when the 2017 NPower beneficiaries will begin to receive their monthly salary. The exact month that 2017 Npower shortlisted applicants will start receiving salary is what we are going to reveal to you here.

How to Update Your Status on NPower Website

Here is steps on how you can update your status on npower website of which include how you can upload your bank detail on the npower website and also to upload your passport.

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All the npower shortlisted applicants 2017 are to update their status online as to enable them get their monthly stipend of 30,000 monthly salary by the federal government of Nigeria.

To update your status online kindly visit: once the page open then login with your Email Address or Phone Number that you used during the time of the online registration.

If you are experiencing challenges on how to upload your credentials on the npower portal then check the size of the document you want to upload on the npower portal and then reduce the size if it is above the required size to be upload online.

You are also to note that your documents should be on JPEG or any other picture format. Npower 2017 shortlisted applicants will begin to receive their salary very soon.

The NPower Latest News Update 2018 about 2017 shortlisted applicants here is that their training content has been included on their npower page and their programme has commence.

How to Recover your Npower Login Password

Here is step by step guide on how to reset your npower login password online. We have been getting messages from NPower 2017 beneficiaries saying that they couldn’t login on npower portal. Should you have forgotten your npower login password follow the steps here.

To retrieve or reset npower login password;

  • Simply visit
  • Click Forgot password? On Npower login page.
  • If prompted, type your full Gmail email address over Enter your email on the Account support page. Click Next.

NPower Latest News Update 2018 Applicants to Check Employment Status

We believe you have logged in on the npower portal and also uploaded all the required documents that is requested to be uploaded online. Next is for you to commence your online practice and wait for your npower device. The distribution of npower device for 2017 npower shortlisted start soon.

That is just NPower Latest News Update 2018 and more update will be dropping soon to keep you updated.


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