It is the Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X this time around. Both were launched in September last year. They share some similarities, including network support, Operating system version, dust/water resistance, Apple A11 Bionic processor and GPU, RAM, cameras, stereo speakers, and fast battery charging, among others. But both phones also have differences.

I pitch the two phones against one another to help you have a clear view of what they offer and which is your preferred option.

iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X

Display: The iPhone 8 Plus has a smaller display (5.5 inches, IPS) than the iPhone X (5.8 inches, Super AMOLED). In addition, the X has a higher screen resolution as well, so all in all, you have a better display on it. That does not mean the iPhone 8 Plus display is bad. Far from it. It is a great display. The X is just better.

Size And Design: While the iPhone 8 Plus has the smaller display of the two, it is bigger in size than the iPhone X. It is taller and wider. The reason for this is clear: the iPhone 8 Plus has the traditional iPhone design with a Home button that houses the fingerprint scanner. The iPhone X has an edge-to-edge display and has no Home button.

Of course, the iPhone X is the better option of the two phones.


Biometrics: The iPhone X has FaceID, but no fingerprint scanner, while the 8 Plus has the traditional iPhone front-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Battery: The iPhone X also has a slightly larger battery capacity – 2716 mAh, while the Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a 2691 mAh battery.


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Whichever you choose to go with between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, this is a great time to make your purchase, as they are both available at bargain prices now.


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