Thinking of how to have your WhatsApp account on two different devices? Don’t go far as this article is there to solve your problem. First things first, ensure you have both connected to Internet and have WhatsApp installed on them.

Then next step is do the following:

  1. Make sure to have WhatsApp updated to the latest version available on both phones.
  2. Then open the second phone’s browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and go to WhatsApp Web .
  3. Go to the browser’s settings select the “desktop site” mode.
  4. Once the desktop version has been successfully activated on the phone, you will see a QR code on the page.
  5. Next is go to the first phone, then Settings > WhatsApp Web (this step will activate the QR code scanner).
  6. This is the time you scan that QR code which appears on the screen of the second phone with the first phone’s camera. It will not take much time to detect.
  7. And once the scan is complete, the account of the first phone will be automatically activated on the second phone.

If you carried out all steps correctly, you’ll have the same WhatsApp account active on both phones. This is what I am using already on my both phones with one WhatsApp account.

This method is applicable to desktop too as long as it has web browser.


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