In this post, we are going to guide you on how to get NPower OTP verification code for all 2017 npower candidates and complete the registration. But then again, congratulation to all the successfully shortlisted applicants for making it to this final stage. All 2017 NPower shortlisted candidates should visit NPVN portal with their OPT code to log in to the NPVN portal.

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Some persons have been contacting that they are unable to get their OTP verification code when logged in to their page. Here we will be discussing and also to reveal to you the procedure on how to get npower OTP Code. If you are having issues on how to login to NPVN portal then follow the steps below here.

How to Get NPower OTP Verification Code To Complete Your Online Verification Exercise.

Below are the steps on how to get npower OTP verification code for all applicants that is yet to get theirs.

  1. To check if you have successful scale through the physical verification exercise held last year, use your phone number or email address to sign into
  2. You will get a congratulatory pop up message that you have made it to the final list.
  3. After that, you will be asked to input an OTP Code. If you are have to receive your OTP Code simply dial *347*5*88# to get your own OTP code immediately.
  4. Then type it on the box for the OTP code and click submit.
  5. You will be taken to where you will have to create your preferred password (ensure you choose a password you can easily remember).
  6. After submitting your preferred password, it will now take you to the next page where you will first upload ur passport photograph and your ID card.
  7. Then you will be taken to your DASHBOARD.

And that’s all. CONGRATULATIONS once again.


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