Can You Guess The Name Of The Next iPhone?

Last year Apple’s campaign can be seen as a revolutionary period for iPhone design. The top ranking premium brand phone maker unveiled 3 new devices into the market – the iPhone 8, 8+ and X (Pronounced as “ten”). Well, we still wonder how the X came into existence when the number 9 is still available – jumping to 10.

Recently, a debate has surfaced online about the names that would given to next set of iPhones. Rumours from a reliable source say the brand is planning to release another set of 3 new devices this fall and they would all be variants of iPhone X. The proposed name? Top guarded secret!

Naming a new iPhone the number nine that was skipped might sound like a downgrade to X, regardless of even if it has better specs.

Well, here, we have a list of about 5 decent names we feel apple might most likely consider for their next device. While you might find some appealing, some might sound ridiculous. But remember, the company is at liberty to name its device whatever it feels like.

  • iPhone 8S: Apple has long alternated between number releases “S” releases. But this method was dumped last year with the release of an iPhone X alongside iPhone 8 instead of an iPhone 7S. But even if this 8S has commendable specs, the name would make it look like a downgrade to X.
  • iPhone 9: This looks intuitive, as it is supposed to serve as a bridge between the iPhone 8 and iPhone. But it has a flaw. Since its numbering is lower than X, it would imply that the device is a downgrade of X.
  • iPhone 11: Seems logical since the iPhone X was pronounced as 10, instead of “escks”. But am afraid this may not go down well with people who still pronounces iPhone !0 as “escks”.
  • iPhone XI: This looks fanciful, but I am not too sure Apple want to cross carpet from numbers to roman numerals just like that. And moreover, the Roman numeral numbering would become complex in the long run.
  • iPhone X2: This actually sounds ridiculous, but not impossible. It would just be cool to have a continuation version of X. Its actually a cool line of naming apple might want to consider for their next device.

What do you guys think about the listed names above? You can add yours via the comment box below.

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