What is MTN XtraCash?

MTN XtraCash is a service that allows eligible customers access short-term micro credit loans via a USSD platform from their mobile phones.

Will MTN XtraCash be available to all customers?

No, MTN XtraCash will not be available to all customers. It will be available ONLY to eligible prepaid customers who are Diamond Yello Account holders.

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How will a customer check if s/he is eligible to use the service?


A customer can check her/his eligibility by dialling *606# to access the XtraCash USSD menu.

How can a customer check the balance in her/his XtraCash account?

An eligible customer can check the balance in her/his account, by dialling the USSD code *606#

What are the eligibility criteria for the service?

MTN XtraCash will be available to customers who have been pre-qualified eligible for the service

What will happen when an ineligible customers tries to use the service?

When on ineligible customer dials the USSD command to use the MTN XtraCash service, s/he will receive o message they are not eligible for the service.

How can eligible customers request for XtraCash?

Eligible customers can request for XtraCash, by dialling the USSD code *606# and selecting XtraCash on the menu.

How much credit can be borrowed using XtraCash?

The customer can borrow either N5,000 or N10,000 based on eligibility.

Where would the loan amount be credited for the customer?

The XtraCash Loan amount would be credited into the customer’s Diamond Yello Account.

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Is there a fee for this service?

Yes, there is an interest rate of 15% that is applicable to the service.

Does MTN XtraCash loan hove a maturity period?

Yes. The MTN XtraCash loan has a maturity period of 30 days.

Can a customer with an outstanding XtraCash loan be eligible to borrow additional funds?

No, customers have to pay up all outstanding XtraCash loans to be eligible to use the service again.

Is there a limitation on the number of times a customer can borrow funds using XtraCash?

No, a customer can borrow XtraCash as many times as possible as long as s/he has no outstanding XtraCash loan obligations.

Can a customer make User Initiated Repayments before maturity dates?

Yes, on eligible customer can make repayments for his/her loan before the maturity date through the “Repay XtraCash” on the menu. The customer can make partial (in multiples of N1000) or full repayment from his account.

Will the customer receive a notification when her/his XtraCash loan is mature and due for repayment?

Yes. The customer will receive a notification when her/his XtraCash loan is due for repayment.



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